The Naked Ballerina cover
The Naked Ballerina Part II: The Pool

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Somewhat hapless but always observant, P.I. Duncan Marsden is hired by a sultry ballerina to investigate the source of a mysterious, illicit photo of her volatile younger sister. As the case spins out of control and the carnage escalates, Marsden not only exposes a sinister truth, but also discovers the one woman he knows he could love.

From the seat of power in downtown Los Angeles, to Hollywood and the iconic Hills beyond, a uniquely noir-tinged 21st century LA plays a starring role as this seductive story builds to a breathtakingly twist-filled crescendo.

Written in a style that celebrates a literary tradition built by the likes of Raymond Chandler and James Ellroy, The Naked Ballerina captures the essence and romanticism of the hardboiled genre, and reignites it for a new generation.